Welcome to Miss Grant's class

Welcome to Miss Grant's class
Julie Grant

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Harvest Time

Today Room 28 harvested vegetables from our garden.  We LOVE gardening!!  I wonder what Room 28 will plant next?

Here is Room 28's vegetables.

We needed to cut the vegetables.

"I cut brocolli" said Aadil.

"I loved cutting" said Melody.

"I cut the brocolli" said Vico.

"Today I chopped the brocolli" said Rhylee.

" I loved cutting off the brocolli" said A.J.

"The knife is sharp" said Fiani.

"I loved cutting the carrot" said Mariya.

"I cut the carrot" said Melody.

"I chopped the carrot too" said Rhylee.

"I cut the carrot" said Noah.

"The raw carrot was crunchy" said A.J.

"I cut the cauliflower" said Poihaere.

"I was cutting the cauliflower" said Holly-Kate.

"We saw slugs and worms in the cabbage" said Nathan.

We cut the cabbage in half.

We cut the cabbage into quarters.

"I tried the raw brocolli" said Janet

Miss Grant took a photo.

"I ate raw cabbage" said Nathan.

"We liked eating the vegetables" said Holly-Kate.

"I ate the yummy vegetables" said Riki.

"We liked the yummy vegetables" said Holly-Kate.

First the oil went into the frying pan.

Next we added the vegetables.

Mrs Andrews cooked the vegetables for us.

"I saw steam from the cooking" said Holly-Kate.

Lastly Mrs Andrews added soy sauce.

We waited for our stir fry.

"The stir fry was yum!!" said Dallas.

"I like eating cooked vegetables"said Joseph.

"I tasted the cooked carrot" said Holly-Kate.

"Yummy vegetables" said Riki.

Mrs Adshead wished she could have tried our stir fry.

"I ate the cooked brocolli" said Fiani.

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  1. Wow, you grew, cooked and ate your own food! Ka pai, Ruma 28!