Welcome to Miss Grant's class

Welcome to Miss Grant's class
Julie Grant

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Room 28's garden

Today Room 28 did gardening.

"We planted a mandarin tree" said Janet.

"I helped to spread the soil in the garden" said Amos.

"I helped to spread the sand out to dry" said Dallas.

"I helped to carry the sand toy box" said Riki.

" I carried the sand toy box" said Fiani.

"I pulled out some weeds" said AJ.

"Today we spread out the soil under the plants" said Nathan.

"I liked snipping the dead plants" said Holly-Kate.

"I picked some weeds with Janet" said Melody.

"I pulled up the weeds" said Joseph.

"I cut the dead plants" said Rhylee.

"I painted my name on the tyre" said Vico.

"I was pulling out the plant from the pot" said Noah.

"I picked up the weeds" said Aadil.

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  1. What great gardening and fantastic helping. Can't wait to see how the mandarins grow. Bet they will taste sweet.