Welcome to Miss Grant's class

Welcome to Miss Grant's class
Julie Grant

Monday, 25 May 2015

Week 6

Wow!  It is already week 6 and Room 28 have been super busy the last couple of weeks.

Here are some of our fantastic activities.
Last week began with a Teddy Bears Picnic and we were super lucky to have Griffins Cookie Bear visit us.
Here we are with our Teddies.

Our teddies got a ride on a parachute.

We listened to Teddy stories.

We made Teddy fairy bread with Mrs D'Lima.

Picnic time!!

Great times.

We also made fairy bread for the letter Ff week.  First we buttered our bread.  Next we sprinkled on the sprinkles.  Then we cut it into halves or quarters.  Last we got to eat our fairy bread. YUM!!

To top our week off we went ice skating.

Cameron has got speed style.

Come on we'll skate together.

Careful balancing.

Ooop!!  Try again.

Brother and sister team.

Bubble catching.

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