Welcome to Miss Grant's class

Welcome to Miss Grant's class
Julie Grant

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

week 4

Week 4 was the letter Jj week and we made jelly.  We had lime or orange flavour.
First we tipped the box of jelly chrystals into a bowl and then poured on a cup of boiling water.  We stirred it until the chrystals had dissolved and then poured in a cup of cold water.  Next it was poured into cups to put into the fridge over night for it to set.  The next day we got to it the wobbly jelly.

Jelly in a cup, jelly in a cup.
Wibble, wobble,
wibble, wobble.
Jelly in a cup!

This week we also had the wonderful experience of Whaea Trish teaching us.  She taught us a song in Maori and some Te Reo and told us a story.  We look forward to more learning with Whaea Trish throughout the year. 

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