Welcome to Miss Grant's class

Welcome to Miss Grant's class
Julie Grant

Monday, 1 September 2014

Spring is here

Last week we had ICT with Mr McLay.

Our goal was to create a video about spring time. The weekend was beautiful and we all felt our earth was finally warming up after a pretty wet winter.

The first thing we did was learn how to get pictures from the internet and put our names, arrows and labels on them.  We didn't quite get to the labels. Never mind.

Lambs in NZ springtime
Lambs explore their paddock

NZ tui in a kowhai tree
A tui in a kowhai tree

marked up image of lambs in a paddock
AJ has put arrows on his photo to explain some
of the things we see in spring

Next we discussed what things we all found in our photos.

Then, we went over to the school hall and Mr. McLay filmed us walking in front of the big blue screen Mr. Maindonald put up on the wall.  We looked at what another class had done and we pretended we were walking through our photographs.  Take a look at AJ's walk through spring.

blue screen filming
Filming in progress

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